Emotions and information effectively visualized

The internet has replaced television as a mass medium. TV On Demand facilitates unparalleled content, visual milestones and new infrastructures. It has changed the TV viewing behavior of the audience.

Moving images and videos are therefore an important part of the communication mix. Moving images are peerless. As an independent producer, we create editorial articles, reports, documentaries and entire magazines for TV channels, digital on-demand portals and the internet. We organize the implementation with our sister company Novalis TV.

We take advantage of the opportunities that arise for you and your subject matter. Emotions and information work best when we can look at something. While staying visually discerning, we will implement the film or series format that is appropriate for your target audience – from the idea all the way to the end procut. For years we have been proving with publicity programs and successful formats that moving images for broadcast and digital channels support your topics in a long-term and effective manner.